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Technical Services Team
Keystone’s abilities to provide superior and affordable technical support services are underwritten by a stable of seasoned, talented Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are broadly educated and well versed in Academia, Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, Scientific Research and Development, and Technology Advancement.  Their qualifications can be characterized by advanced degrees, Masters and PhDs, in nuclear chemistry, nuclear physics, electrical engineering, engineering sciences, etc.  Their experience and demonstrated expertise have developed over years while working for the National Weapons Laboratories (NWLs), the Departments of Defense and Energy, the Armed Forces, large commercial enterprises, and major universities.

Keystone’s capabilities are steeped in real-world accomplishments that require staff members to deal with pressure and stress as a routine fact of the working environment.  Whether a single project or an expanding program, the challenges are met with innovation, insight and phenomenal results.