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Gary Van Valin

Gary Van Valin is the Chairman of Keystone’s Board of Directors, and he has served in this capacity since acquiring the Company in January, 1996. Gary shares the responsibility with Keystone’s president and CEO for all aspects of managing a diverse, technical support services and management consulting company supporting an array of local businesses, corporations, government agencies and organizations. He has extensive, recognized experience as a business leader, a senior military officer, a U.S. government negotiator, and an operational commander of U.S. Air Force combat units. As a military officer, he solved difficult defense policy, program and strategy issues and real-world emergency crisis operations while assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, and the Air Force Headquarters Staff. His leadership and foresight continue to move Keystone into previously new and different business opportunities.

Gary holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences from the United States Air Force Academy, a Master's of Arts in Business from Webster University, and a Master's of Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He was an Olmsted Scholar at the University of Constance, Germany, studying political science, sociology and history. He is also a graduate of the Armed Forces Staff College and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Gary is a retired Air Force Colonel, a fighter pilot, and a combat veteran.