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BullyFreeWork is dedicated to supporting a healthy work environment by helping to prevent bullying behavior before it occurs, intervening once it has occurred, and redirecting back to a healthier workplace. Because our client base had been asking us for help with handling difficult people, we realized there was a need to begin categorizing bully-like behaviors, their potential roots, and ways to eradicate them from an otherwise productive and healthy workplace.

With our combined experience in organizational development, corporate training, and behavioral health, the BullyFreeWork team has developed customized approaches for organizations in the following situations:

  • Human Resources specialists receiving regular complaints and feeling in a dilemma as to how to handle a difficult person.
  • Managers laying the groundwork for a psychologically healthy workplace.
  • Consulting with managers and executives to create a compassionate management style.
  • Organizations wanting to identify appropriate and inappropriate behavior to build a productive culture.
  • Training personnel wanting external expertise in managing conflict.
  • Supporting an employee who is feeling victimized by someone's bully behavior.
  • Developing policies to prevent and address harassment and bullying.